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Thanksgiving Day in Different Countries

Katherine Ke 2019-11-25

Thanksgiving Day is now know all around the world. Do you know the what’s the meaning of it and actually it’s different in different countries?


Thanksgiving Day in US

Thanksgiving Day is a very big festival in United States of America on the forth Thursday in November. This festival matters with immigration in 1620, US independent war and other religious reasons. Nowadays American celebrate it to express their thanks to God for food from harvest and happy life. They usually have famous turkey and pumpkin pie on that day.


Thanksgiving Day in Canada

Canadian Thanksgiving Day is different from that in US. Firstly, it was 40 years earlier than US and now it’s on different date. Canadian Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Secondly, it’s a festival without other religious reasons unlike US. What they have in common is that they all celebrate for the same aim, to express thanks for harvest and happy life. And they will all have roast turkey and pumpkin pie.

No Thanksgiving Day in UK and other European countries

It may be non-topic related, but still it's necessary to know that actually there is no Thanksgiving Day in United Kingdom and other European countries. Both students and office workers will not be free on Thanksgiving Day though there may be Thanksgiving Day special promotion in street. So it’s not really right to say Happy Thanksgiving Day to people in UK and other European countries.


No matter whether there is Thanksgiving Day or not, it’s really good there is such a festival to express thanks. Actually we can learn the aim of the day, always be grateful. It will have very good effects to both adults and especially kids. Once we have grateful attitude, everything will be positive, bright and hopeful.